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  • Mali Lošinj

    Mali Lošinj is the largest settlement on the island, located on the south side of the Gulf of Lošinj, and thanks to this position, it became an important
    maritime and commercial,and now a Tourist center. It is located in Augusta Bay , the bigest closed bay of the island with 7000 inhabitans, today Mali Lošinj is the largest island town on the Adriatic
    The beginnings of Mali Lošinj go back in the 12th century when it come to the island of Lošinj a few Croatian families and settled in the eastern bay of
     St Martin. The first Croatien settlers were farmers,later turned to fishing, marine and shipbuilding.

    Today Mali Lošinj is one of the major Tourist centers on the Adriatic, and a popular tourist destination in the European tourist offers.
    Mali Lošinj is the winner of the title of champion of the tourism in 2007.year and Croatian candidate for the Golden Flower of the Europe, in 2009 year.
    The island of Lošinj is consisted of several small villages, islands, and islets,highly indented coastline.
    The island has a Mediterranean climate pleasant throughout the year. Specificity of the island of Lošinj are ancient pine forests,numerous plant and animal
    species among of which stand out a group of dolphins,which tells the best of the clearness of the sea. The beginnings of the tourism on Lošinj date back in 19th centurry,when the Austrian and European aristocracy was arriving to the island.
    Mali Lošinj is the ideal choice for those who wish to engage in any recreation or water sports...

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